Wednesday, February 24, 2010

crazy heart, or how i would like to be jeff bridges when i grow up

I saw Crazy Heart this weekend. With my mom. I was tense most of the time because I expected awful things to happen, and you have to understand my mom would react just when someone threw up. But I liked the idea of driving around Texas and New Mexico in a '78 Chevy Suburban (and having a Gretsch Country Gentleman) and playing Bowling Alleys. And then meeting Maggie Gyllenhaal.

Earlier in the day my mom had been talking about how her mom used to drive from Michigan down to Texas every year in a Chevy Suburban towing a 30' airstream. I was a party to a few of these trips when I was two or three, but I have no memory of the Suburban. I think she eventually lost it to a tornado.
So now while I'm sitting idly at my desk I'm picturing my grandmother driving her Suburban through the clouds.

Perhaps a future waits for me as an itinerant country legend.