Tuesday, June 9, 2009


june ninth of the 2009th year of our lord. my 28th.

this morning i was awakened or awokened by my cat, followed by much thunder.
i sat and looked at the cat staring back at me for awhile.
then i got up and we ran towards the bathroom. that's where the cat food is.
took a quick shower and then watched the lightning from the kitchen window.
when that got boring i got dressed, made some coffee and then ran to catch the bus.
a pretty typical morning.

i need to find a dustpan. or i need to think of more things i need to find so i won't be traveling an unreasonable distance for just one dustpan. maybe a new broom would be nice. how about one with a wooden handle?


  1. oh my god. please update this. it instantly became my favorite thing on the internet.

  2. don't take a shower when there's lightning outside!
    you'll be electrocuted.

  3. Marilyn: Mom used to tell us that, but it's not true. As I was forced to admit once I moved to Philly, the tallest buildings have lightning rods, so nobody gets electrocuted in the shower anymore. I don't think it's happened for decades.

    Kinda like how she used to tell us about debtor's prison, which hasn't been around for centuries.

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  5. lightning doesn't specifically prefer the taller buildings. that actually doesn't seem to have nearly as much to do with it as we would like to hope. and also, a lot of lightning rods don't even come close to being able to direct, or redirect, or even withstand the amount of current in a lightning strike, especially on houses. mostly, they instantly melt or are vaporized and then the bolt will travel surreptitiously serpentine paths through every imaginable thing. including josh's body.
    and also, josh, this blog is still pure magic. don't let the sue's of this world get you down.